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The tribunal should be informed of the impacts and judge Israel for the ecological crime of allowing its army to use white phosphorus bombs which burn men, women and children and the earth.


While traveling in October 2007 in southern Lebanon near Bent Jbel I helped dispose of bombs Israel had dropped, and which 13 months after the war were still claiming victims.


Remember that the International Greens Tribunal was set up, following a suggestion by Mrs Fatima Alaoui, secretary ¨Cgeneral of the Greens party in Morocco, during the Euro-African Greens meeting in in Kenya in 1998 with the Nobel prizewinner, Wangari Mattai, and recommendations made by the French workshop in Canberra 2001.


This tribunal has already convened on 1st July 2006 at the Lawyers¡¯ Club in El Jadida, in Morocco.


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Press Release on 27th December 2008 by the Greens Party for Development, Morocco
> The Moroccan Greens demand that radio and TV around the world, financed by the money of its citizens stop broadcasting silly beats and songs, and decree this day Black Saturday and a Day of Mourning across the planet to denounce the orchestrated killing and targeted raids by Israel which left 155 dead and 314 injured civilians.
> May the drums celebrating festivities not sound in any country at peace this Black Saturday.

For the Moroccan Greens

Leader of the support committee for peace within the Greens Party for Development  

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